We’ll come to your home and get rid of your children’s head lice with an all-natural, non-chemical treatment, usually within hours of your call. Our head lice removal service is the highest rated in Southern California ,LA Metro, the San Fernando Valley, the Conejo Valley, the Inland Empire,  the South Bay, North Orange County etc. We use our proprietary non-chemical, all-natural treatment we developed and have been using successfully for years on thousands of children and adults.Our products are among the very few that work on the “super bug” head lice strain that is now in 25 states We know how to safely and effectively eliminate your head lice problem.

We use our own line of Los Angeles Head Lice Treatment all-natural products combined with our special spiral-toothed combs to eliminate the lice and nits. Unlike harsh chemical-based products, our special mousse is an enzyme-based solution and works the first time, offering immediate relief after just one treatment.

Please call to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

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