• Head lice shampoos can be highly toxic for your child, they can be full of carcinogens and many strains of head lice are immune to the chemicals in over the counter shampoos
  • Head lice cannot jump or fly
  • Head lice cannot live on your pets
  • Head lice can live in your environment i.e. couches, carpets, cars, movie theaters, airplanes. But cannot breed!
  • Head lice are not signs of unwashed hair-they thrive in clean hair rather than dirty hair.Who’s At Risk?
  • 80% of the time the head lice culprits pass the infestation on to their siblings
  • 80% of the time mothers contract head lice from their children
  • 20% of the time fathers contract head lice from their children
  • 35% of the time nannies contract head liceLice Science
  • Head lice crosses all socioeconomic boundaries
  • Head lice is one of the top 3 reasons why children miss school
  • Longer hair is more susceptible in contracting head lice
  • Head lice thrive equally in warm and cold climates


  • Do not replace your furnishings including your mattress
  • Do not wash your entire wardrobe
  • Do not use toxic products
  • Do not cut your hair or pour oil, Vaseline, mayonnaise or vinegar on it
  • Do not panic!

Lice DO’S

  • Use all natural product to aid in your manual lice removal methods
  • Daily wash only the clothing, bedding, brushes and hair accessories used during your head lice infestation
  • Once lice is detected have your entire household screened
  • Inform your school and friends you have head lice to avoid further cross pollination
  • Relax and take a deep breath.

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