We at Los Angeles head Lice Treatment have a unique, highly successful program where our highly trained head lice technicians perform school and camp head lice screenings and provide school and camp head lice removal services all within the same visit to your school and or camp. This “one stop shopping” service is highly effective, convenient and efficient. Parents can simply call in their credit card card info to the school and avoid taking time off work or making appointments at salons and thus also avoiding the time the appointment takes and the round trip drive time.

This program is highly successful in keeping school and camp lice outbreaks to a minimum. Our expert head lice tecnicians check hair and remove head lice (often called hair lice) discreetly at the school or camp premises in a private room designated by the administation. A great benefit of this program is that it is highly effective in preventing head lice re-infestation as all the students are screened and treated at the same time.

We recommend checking students 3 times a year, in the Fall, Winter Break, and in the Spring Break.
We can also talk with parents and educate them how to keep their children and families lice free. We also make available our home head lice treatment kits which can be purchased at the time of treatment and sent home with the students. Our proprietary natural, non-toxic head lice products are the very best available.

Los Angeles Head Lice Treatment genuinely cares for all of our clients and have serviced many, many schools.
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