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Can bald people get head lice? This is a common question that we hear from clients, and they’re often surprised by our response. Yes, it is possible for a bald person to get lice. However, they are extremely unlikely to have an infestation.

Why is this the case?

Head lice are extremely small, around 2-3 mm. Lice lay their eggs at the base of the hair follicle, as close to the scalp as possible. The lice hang out there, feeding on blood and continuing the life cycle. A person who is bald does not have an environment where lice can thrive. Therefore, they die off.

Bottom line: being bald doesn’t necessarily stop you from getting lice, but it does prevent an infestation.

Don’t Forget About Facial Hair!

We recently wrote a post about lice and facial hair. It is possible for lice to live in a beard or mustache. Again, it’s unlikely because the lice would have to crawl up to the head to get their meal. They’d much rather live on the scalp.

Nevertheless, if you’re bald but have facial hair, know that it’s still possible to get and spread lice. The good news – for you at least – is that you are safe from an infestation. Without the proper resources on your head (hair), the lice can’t survive.

Does Shaving Get Rid of Head Lice? 

If bald people can’t get a head lice infestation, then shaving should remove the problem, right? Surprisingly, shaving is not the best solution for getting rid of head lice. A buzz cut with clippers is not going to remove the lice because these pets live on the base of the hair and on the scalp. Shaving will not get close enough.

And, even if you were to successfully remove the lice through shaving, it’s a drastic measure that you don’t need to take, especially on a young child. My Hair Helpers has a full line of safe, effective lice treatments for kids that are safe for all hair types.

By using our products, you can remove head lice safely and effectively without damaging your child’s hair. And, you can pick up our products directly through Amazon with fast shipping. As soon as you apply the treatment, your child can return to school the next day!


Being bald is an effective way to protect yourself from head lice. But, do keep in mind that you can still get lice and spread it to others, you just won’t get a full infestation. And, if someone in your household does end up with head lice, you’ve got My Hair Helpers to help you through! We have everyone covered – from infants all the way to grandparents and great-grandparents!

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