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Summer break is finally here! COVID restrictions have loosened in California, which means that residents are able to enjoy museums, amusement parks, swimming pools, water parks and other activities with few to no restrictions. But as we know, life likes to get in the way of this fun at times!

If your child has turned up with a head lice infestation, they probably picked it up from school. The last thing you want to do is drag the family out to a head lice salon on your summer break, but you also know that the lice must be treated. The good news is that professional head lice treatment services can come to YOU!

That’s right – My Hair Helpers offers a mobile head lice salon that provides in-home lice removal services. Let’s learn more about these convenient services and what to expect from them.

What is a Mobile Lice Removal Service? 

A mobile head lice removal service is exactly as it sounds. A professional company like My Hair Helpers delivers their services in the comfort and convenience of your home. This way, you don’t have to drag the kids out or travel long distances. Lice checks and lice treatments are all done in the home by a trained expert.

The benefits of using a mobile lice removal service are:

  • Convenience. Your child can stay in their comfort zone and go about their daily activities while being treated for lice. No time is wasted driving to the location or waiting for your appointment time.
  • Privacy. In-home head lice treatment is highly confidential. There’s no one to run into, as could be possible at one of our salons. Plus, we send techs out in discreet vehicles that don’t shout “I HAVE LICE.”
  • Flexibility. Our in-home appointments are very flexible. We can send someone over anytime from 8am to 11pm. My Hair Helpers understands that our customers are mostly families with busy schedules.
  • Comfort. Being in the home is typically most comfortable for everyone. Your child can receive a head lice treatment while being in a familiar environment, with the toys and belongings they love.
  • Affordable. My Hair Helpers is always upfront and honest about our pricing – and we provide family-friendly rates on all products and services. Treatment costs are based on the length of hair and the severity of the infestation.

What’s Included with an In-Home Lice Removal Appointment? 

My Hair Helpers offers as much value as possible, as we know that many families are on a limited budget. By choosing us for an in-home visit, you can expect the following:

  • Complete head lice check (additional checks are $25/$35)
  • 1 complete treatment using our safe, all-natural products
  • Education on how to be lice free forever
  • 30-day Lice Free Guarantee after the follow-up visit (the follow-up visit is a mini treatment 6-7 days after the first treatment to make sure there is no more exposure to lice)
  • Lifetime Protection – FREE head lice checks at any of our salons
  • Trained head lice expert

Schedule Your In-Home Appointment Today!

If you believe that your child has head lice, schedule an in-home visit with our mobile head lice service. We serve all of Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County and many other communities. We also have in-salon appointments if you decide that this is best for your family. Call for an appointment!

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